Love is all around us, all year round, not only on Valentine’s Day. We just have to stop, take a deep breath and make room in our minds and souls. Every now and then one has to look around and appreciate those lovely, loving and loved ones who share life with us. No matter what you have going wrong, love conquers all. Well, at least, it makes it a tiny bit better. We have here Valentine’s Day Wedding inspiration ideas for your next ceremony, reception or event.  

Valentine’s Day Wedding Inspiration 

1- Shoes, the shoes 

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration

How about this pair of shoes from Vivienne Westwood? Rock these hearty shoes and have groom wear a matching tie and pair of socks with red hearts. To top this off, bridesmaids and best men could have red and white striped props like shawls, socks, shirts or hair bows. You got your self one cute, hearty look there.   

Photo courtesy of Emma Case Photography via Wedding Bells

2- Red donuts say it all 

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration

These scrumptious round delights are so warm looking and inviting. Finish your theme with a host of dark, velvety red coloured desserts stand and roses on the guest tables. Food is a major part of your event, we all know that. Making it express the theme colours is really smart and reaches people’s minds fast–through the stomach!      

3- Give love in small packages 

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration

Giveaways are for keepsake so make them count toward showing love in your Valentine’s Day theme party.   

Photo courtesy of Josh Lee Photography via The Knot

What are some of your greatest Valentine’s Day wedding inspiration ideas? 

Featured image courtesy of Lindsay Hood Photography


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