Cold but cozy is a description one can relate to when thinking of winter weddings. Photos are great with white background and splashes of colour here and there, and fireplaces are magical inside for receptions and ceremonies. The entire scene is attractive to celebrate indoors and underline whatever brings warmth on your special day in the cold weather. We have three winter wedding ideas for you here. 

Three Winter Wedding Ideas

Three Winter Wedding Ideas
1- Wintery Groom’s Boutonniere

A side from the usual focus on bride, grooms can also show and tell. This boutonniere features a snow-hued ranunculus together with seasonal greenery. Using seasonal cuffs and ties are other great ways to reflect winter touches. For example use a snow flake-shaped cuff or a tie with snowman imprints.



Three Winter Wedding Ideas2- Frozen Flowers Arrangements  

Yes, it’s cold outside and you want to be warm, but look at these frozen flowers! Beauty in ice. This type of flower display highlights the uniqueness of each flower and shows its fine details. This is opposed to bunches of flowers stacked together in a vase, for example.

3- A Splash of Colour Three Winter Wedding Ideas

The fact that winters here are mostly white makes this idea so reasonable and, really, needed. You can add a splash of colour by using confetti as in the photo, spicing up the bride’s wedding dress with red or green belts or skirt for the outdoor shoot, throwing on a warm coloured blanket, or, simply, using vibrant props against the snowy background.



What are some of your favourite winter wedding ideas?


Feature photo courtesy of Tulle & Tweed Photography.

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