The holidays are a time of beautiful touches around the house, work place and public areas. Decorations are great ways to show off your festivity and season’s spirit. Many families seize the opportunity to do decoration craft projects with the young ones. We have three holidays decoration ideas for you to consider this season. 

Three Holidays Decoration Ideas

1- Do Papier–Mâché Ornaments with Entire Family

Three Holidays Decoration Ideas

Papier–mâché (pronounced /ˌpeɪpər məˈʃeɪ/) is trending now. Literally, it is French for chewed paper. Mmm, right? Papier–mâché is a “material that is made of paper mixed with water, glue, and other substances and that hardens as it dries.” This is a safe and easy activity to involve all ages of the family members. Here are some ideas you can look into creating: christmas tree ornaments, giveaway or gift baskets in shape of trees, flower ceiling hangouts, and more. Check out this detailed post on creating tree ornaments.


2- Make Your Own Greeting Cards for New Year Three Holidays Decoration Ideas

The cost of greeting cards seems to be always going up. The cards you buy from the cards isle don’t have that personal touch and sometimes all look similar. So why not try making your own cards this New Year’s season with your family? Materials you can use include hard covers of old books, colouring book pages with floral patterns, card board boxes, and glittery or shiny buttons and ribbons. In fact, the sky is the limit when it comes to DIY greeting cards. Check out this amazing tutorial with lots of inspiring ideas.

3- Obviously, Make Beautiful Holiday Cookies.

Three Holidays Decoration IdeasCooking is one of the best activities to involve the little ones in. Cookies, specifically, are so much fun and you can make them into all sorts of shapes and colours. They are truly part of the season’s decorations one way or another. Prepare ahead of time to avoid the seasonal shopping rush. You will need season fit cookie cutters, recipe ingredients, suitable baking sheets, colourful decoration icing and sprinkles, and steps for the kids to stand on. This is a great recipe for soft holiday cookies. So check it out and try making it this season.

We hope you enjoyed these three Holidays decoration ideas. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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