Easter is a great time for crafting as the weather implies beautiful things are coming our way: flowers, bunnies, scavenger hunts in nature, and more. In other words, spring is in the air. We are inspired by this time of year to share these simple craft ideas to do with your family or little ones.

Three Easter Craft Ideas 

Three Easter Craft Ideas1- Easter Bunny Hats

It cannot get any easier or cuter. These are made from components that are usually readily available at home. You can use templates such as the one on this website. If you want to go creative, all you need is coloured cardboard paper cut to shapes for the cone hat and the ears, fuzzy balls or other triangular shape for noses, plastic eyes or buttons, and coloured pens. How adorable!



2-  Easter Egg PlantersThree Easter Craft Ideas

There are  endless egg ideas out there, but these are so organically beautiful. You are using egg shells of eggs you have eaten and planting seeds in them to grow small herbs or flowers. Just make sure you handle the eggs nicely when cracking them so you get a hole on one side and full structure on the other. You can use soil or wet cotton. Here are some more inspirational ideas on this website.




3- Surprise Egg Rice Crisps

These are a cross between craft and recipe. They shout Easter and fun. The recipe calls for only three ingredients: 4 TBS butter, 4 cups mini marshmallows, and 7 cups Rice Krispies cereal. You will also need the surprise plastic eggs to place the mixture in. Go creative with stuffings: candy, chocolate balls, raisins, or any other small treats. More on this recipe on this website.



We hope you have enjoyed our selection. Crafts are so fun any time of year, but Easter is certainly one special time to go creative and active.


Feature image courtesy of Earl Grey Images.

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