Going green has never been more beautiful. These lovely, recycled items are put to use as event decorations. Besides looking so fresh and vibrant, they are economical and eco-friendly. So, for your next function, check out these beautiful recycled event decorations!  

Recycled Event Decorations 


1- Wine Glasses & Bottles

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This is such an easy and flexible decoration idea! How brilliant it is to use something for a new purpose and then still be able to use it for its original purpose. You can either flip wine glasses and heat the bottom of your candle to stick it on, adding simple decorations under the glass or around the candle.

Or, you can glue theme ornaments on them such as fall leaves–in such a case, the glasses may or may not be good to use again for drinking depending on the alteration. Finally, see the feature photo above for an idea you can do with wine bottles!     




2- Mason Jars     

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Mason jars are one of the greatest champions in the area of repurposing. The sturdy structures look sharp and provide a plain canvas. You can place items inside, such as battery candles or florals, or flip them over and put decorations on the bottom of the jar.

Mason jar can be used over and over again, even for drinking or storage. Plus, they come in different sizes and colours and are easy to colour and decorate. One may even give them to the guests as giveaways if they are packed as such, e.g., have a lid with memorable contents inside.         




Recycled Event Decorations | Edmonton events venues
source wedding forward

3- Light Bulbs 

Not everyone might have pre-used light bulbs on hand to repurpose for decorations, but the idea is still bright! This concept can apply to similar items in a household or business. Look at these bulbs hanging with barely visible strings, carrying your event theme florals or ornaments to tie your theme altogether. 

You can also spray or partly colour them if you wish. Some light fixtures come in shapes that can actually sit on the table or large enough to be placed on the floor.   



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