Sometimes even obvious things seem to pass by you when there is so much excitement about your approaching wedding. We list here five wedding planning tips for you to help get you started. If you have any questions about your big day or possibly booking the Old Timers Cabin, do not hesitate to contact our events coordinator here.

Five Wedding Planning Tips

1- Have a Wedding Planning Checklist  

Your wedding checklist is certainly a great resource to have, but it does not have to be a rigid document. Prepare yours in a software such as Word and print a hard copy to keep at hand. Go back and edit the original whenever you feel you have forgotten something or do not need some items. There are plenty of templates to start off from but make it yours and own your ideas; reflect your needs.

2- Book Your Venue Early

It is ridiculous to know the length of time weekends are booked in advance. The moment you decide on having a wedding celebration at a venue, start your research. Many factors pare at play here: price, number of guests, style and taste, location, and availability of dates. Also, are you going to book separate locations for ceremony and celebration? Wedding venues usually have calendars on their websites with available dates, such as ours here. These are a good start but do contact the events or booking coordinator to ask all your questions and probably book or attend a showing of the venue.

3- Find a Great Photographer 

Just like wedding venues book up ahead of time, good photographers and videographers do. Research websites and read reviews of previous clients, especially couples. You enter in a unique relationship with your photographer for a considerable period of time. Some couples stay in touch with their photographers long after the wedding for maternity, baby, and family shoots. Choose wisely and be specific about your needs as this will make everybody’s job easier.

4- Plan Food, Decor and Entertainment

Once you secure your wedding venue, it is time to plan the smaller details of the day such as cake, food, and entertainment. Are you planning on having a specific theme for your celebration and/or ceremony? Are you going to hire a wedding planner or do it yourself with family and friends’ help? Would you need any rental items for decor? How about music? Live, band, DJ? Who will make the cake and cater the food and drinks? These are brain storming questions for you.

5- Prepare your Wedding Guests List

The number of guests you are planning on inviting is an important factor in all of the above. Your preferences and budget will guide your choices of services in light of the number of people you invite. Also, are you having a different guest list for ceremony and celebration? Are kids welcome? If yes, your entire plan needs to accommodate them in terms of food, supervision, seating and entertainment. Finally, does your venue accommodate special needs of some of your guests such as wheelchair accessibility and the like?

There is so much to consider but we think this is a good start. Consider these tips and send us if you have any questions.

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