Some of us are a designate type of people; others are a DIY. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your own preference in choosing your wedding day flower service as long as you know what you are doing. If you are a DIY person, many others have done their own wedding floral arrangements, sometimes with family and friends help. Read these five tips for DIY wedding flowers. 

Five Tips for DIY Wedding Flowers

1- Match the Style of Your Wedding        

When you plan your wedding, setting the style or theme of the overall celebration and/or ceremony determines all the other smaller decisions will fit in. Make your floral plans harmonious with the wedding theme. This will mean colours and material that complement each other, not necessarily mirror them though. So, relax and look at the overall image and feel you want first and the rest will follow.

2- Prepare the Tools, Display Items and Storage Early

There is a lot to preparing wedding flowers. This does not mean you panic but, instead, plan and prepare a head of time. Depending on your wedding theme and flower choices, research the needs of your specific style and flowers. Purchase, borrow or rent the tools, material and display items you need. Part of this is also to plan the space you will work in and storage logistics both for flowers and material.

3- Get the Flowers from Reputable Providers  

This is an important step unless you are using your own home grown flowers and plants. (Lucky you if so!). Research your local providers, read reviews, and compare services and prices. Your will establish a long-term relationship with the chosen provider–as long as your wedding planning takes. Flowers are living entities that need special care and handling. Timing is important. Discuss with them any special instructions for storage, handling, and delivery.     

4- Assign Tasks to Friends and Family

Needless to say, you cannot and should not do it all alone. Make it a fun group activity and assign tasks to those who are there to help you. You need to look over the entire process and observe the big picture. Ask your family and friends to do specific tasks based on their interest, availability, and ability. Enjoy the process and build memorable experiences with others around you!

5- Know Your Flowers but Accept Imperfections

A crucial component of flower DIY is to know your flowers and know if you, and your team, can handle them. Pick what you can afford to care for without stress and hassle. This said, even if you checked and passed all these points with flying colours, accept that there might be imperfections. Flowers might not turn out exactly the way you dreamed they would when they bloom. While you might notice such inconveniences, others will only be focusing in you and the fun they will have at your wedding. So, relax.   

For inspiration, check out our wedding gallery here as it contains photos of great weddings and floral decorations. You can also read our post on wedding planning tips here. Remember above all to keep it simple and enjoy!

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