Using garlands at your event is one easy way to express your theme. Garlands can transform the look of your space and help say what the event is all about. The greatest thing about them is that you can either buy them from party supply stores or make them yourself. We have for you here five event garland tips if you opt to do it yourself. 

Five Event Garland Tips  


1- Use Theme Party Hats or Plates five event garland tips

Some specialty party hats and plates are too good not to display in more prominent ways than their usual usage. Think about it, they are usually the colour and design of your event theme and we often order more than the number of guests. Save a few and hook them to a nice rope with other related items or on their own. Hang the garland on the feature wall, food tables or ceilings. The same applies for other party plates supplies such as cupcake holders and cups.

2- Display Main Food Item Art

If your event is a summer patio party where there is an ice-cream stand or station, make ice-cream cones or popsicles for your garlands. One way of making these is to cut coloured pool noodles into pieces and glue ice-cream wooden sticks to each to make ice-cream popsicles. For cones, coloured paper and cotton balls can do the trick. The same goes for other themes such as pumpkins for Halloween.

3- Print Photos of Event Person five event garland tips

One of the cutest garland displays we have seen in this category is printing out 12 photos of your baby’s first year from each month and displaying those on a garnished garland. Make more than one and hang garlands on each wall. If you are a dedicated photographer-parent you must have 12 photos of your baby’s first year. This idea will also work great for anniversaries, showers, and corporate milestones.

4- Utilize those Balloons five event garland tips

Balloons are versatile and will readily express the deign colours of your theme. You can save the best balloons you get for the party to hang randomly on a rope as garland. Or, shape the balloons into names of bride and groom, age number of birthday person, or colour code for a gender reveal party. Nowadays, balloons come in so many colours and shapes, so use your imagination and mix balloons with other items such as flowers.

5- Use Antique Paper Cutoutsfive event garland tips

If your party theme is classic or age related to a certain older era, these can look so chic and cozy with their warm shades. If you do not have older books or newspapers to cut circle from, there are ways to add an antique look to normal white newspaper sheets. Once you achieve the look you desire, hang the cut outs on ropes and display. Additionally, combine with an antique typewriter and stack of books to finish the theme nicely.

Feature image courtesy of Tulle & Tweed Photography.

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