Edmonton has unique spots to facilitate stunning wedding photography all year round. Winter, however, has its own magical simplicity. The snowy white background makes for an out-of-this-world purity. White, after all, makes any theme colour one chooses for the wedding pop up in vividness and grace. Diana and Andrew’s Edmonton winter wedding they celebrated at the Old Timers Cabin is such and all of this.

White and Green Celebration

Edmonton Winter Wedding

The theme of Diana and Andrew’s wedding is simply the glorious winter outdoors, with all what that brings to mind—pine trees, cones, warming blankets, snowshoes and camping tents and fire pits.

Edmonton Winter Wedding

The colour palette consisted of shades of green, brown, white and some splashes of grey and other colours. While having a snowy background on the outdoors makes almost any other colour fit in the picture, on the inside scene of the wedding, it is still important to marry the shades of items used as props and decorations. These sample items from the wedding show the devil is in the details.

Edmonton Winter Wedding

It is amazing how things turn out with a charmingly simple colour scheme and theme. In fact, it is always best to opt for few inspirational ideas to base the wedding setup upon to avoid having a cluttered and busy atmosphere.

All photos in this post courtesy of Tulle & Tweed Photography.


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