We love Easter for many reasons but mainly it brings the smell of spring. Yes, there is snow in Edmonton in March but that is part of the anticipation. Beautiful. We got to think positive and decorations are one of the best ways to inspire positivity. Check out these lovely ideas for easy Easter decorations. 

Easter Decorations

Bunnies everywhere Easy Easter Decorations

If you like to work in burlap, you should try making Easter bunny bags for collecting eggs. This is a low cost and fun activity for the entire family. Great thing is that you can customize the writing and colours for each member who will hop-collect.

Check out this sample one with a smily bunny and name. 



Eggs the easy way  

Easy Easter Decorations

Decorating eggs does not have to be a tough task. Have you ever thought of just picking up a Sharpie pen and colouring on eggs like kids would do? This is a great and well defined look for eggs.

Also, while an adult can do the Sharpie black lines, kids around will be able to fill in the colour in between. They will feel empowered while enjoying the decorations.   



Carrots for thoughtEasy Easter Decorations

Carrots stand for freshness, vibrance and health. You see one and you think spring and activity. If your event falls around this time of year, a carrot in the theme is more than Easter. And a carrot does not have to be a real one.

Check out this amazing wreath that is so easy to make and can be reused if flowers are not real.



We hope you enjoyed this selection. Share with us your ideas in the comments and follow @OldTimersCabin on social for more events inspiration ideas. 


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