With so much on the agenda already, company event planners can save lots of time by following some planning tips. Here are five corporate event planning tips to help you on you plan your next meeting, conference or business party. 

Five Corporate Event Planning Tips  

1- Budget and Monitor Spending 

This step will shed light on all following steps. You will be able to plan within the limits of your budget and what you can afford. This planning includes choosing the appropriate venue, guest speaker, food, entertainment, and more. You also need to monitor the spending of your team in every step of the planning and keep all on track.

2- Book Guest Speaker Early 

If you want to have the most suited person to speak at your event with the best rate, book him/her early. The closer you get to your event the rate will be higher and airline tickets and hotels will be harder to accommodate. Choosing the speaker depends on your target audience and purpose of the event, which are factors that need to be decided early on, as well.

3- Consider Buffets and Finger Foods

As opposed to seated meals, buffets and finger food style meals cost less and encourage your guests to move and mingle more. This is especially important if you do want the attendees and clientele at your corporate event to mix rather than sit quietly and listen to a speaker.

4- Use Sponsors

Event sponsorship can help reduce the cost of your corporate event. Sponsors can range from companies offering services in the field of your business to other community organizations like sport teams. Make suer all of the sponsors fit with your company, though.

5- Delegate Tasks

This might be the very first step once actual planning starts. It is tempting to desire to do everything on your own but a successful planner knows their limitations in time and abilities and distributes tasks according to skills and availability among the team. Regular team meetings are then a great idea to check on everyone’s achievements and challenges.

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