As with other types of events, corporate functions require adequate planning and attention to details ahead of time to produce flawless results for your organization. Doing so in a cabin has its own aura and adds some additional subtle differences. It is fun to tailor the cabin for business event and see it transforming from a wedding to a birthday to a corporate annual meeting in a blink of a plan. Here we gathered some corporate event cabin setup ideas to get you started.

Corporate Event Cabin Setup Ideas 

1- Plan Space Early

Due to the unique look of a cabin, it is advisable to give yourself an early start date to view the space and know what to expect. This includes seating options, presentation equipment and their location, theme and style readiness, and food and beverage preparedness. 

Cabins are great spaces to invite your work team for an annual meeting, office Christmas party, or corporate anniversary or achievement. Make it worthwhile by being prepared early on. 


2- Mix Formal and Rustic

Why not utilize the fact the your event is taking place in a charmingly rustic location and reflect this in the theme? Business and family events alike could use some creativity and steering out of the expected. Next time you have a corporate function, add some tree and wood touches to your table place setting setups, a bunch of plants from the local area on the mantlepiece, cabin log art in your printouts, and the like. 

Your team will feel a push of creativity and a much needed change from office related themes they probably got accustomed to in other business functions. 


3- Make it Fun 

Besides setting up your presentation equipment and managing what you need for your business event, it is also smart to make room for fun. Your team will even utilize the time better and work harder if they know there is some sort of tour of the space, around the venue or a game and prize. We all need a break during work. 

Some cabins have great locals around them and, weather permitting, a walking tour on the patio or garden will recharge the team and make for memorable chats and photos. 

Old Timers Cabin team takes pride in being there for any inquiry and helping guests feel home whatever the event is. If you have any questions, please send or call through the Contact page.             

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