Coloring books and crayons were such a great gesture from a couple that have held their wedding celebration at the Old Timers Cabin recently. Children at weddings are a great joy as long as you have a couple of measures in place.

A joy and responsibility

It is certainly a joy to see kids at weddings, with all their cute apparels and excited faces. They are, though, a responsibility that needs to be addressed early on. Of course, you will need to go through the decisions of whether to invite them in the first place and who to invite. Once you are settled on having kids at the wedding, get to work on how to handle and supervise them.

children at weddings
Photo curtesy of Killins Photography
Here are some ideas
  • Assign tasks to most kids invited such as ring barriers; flower girls; ushers to hand out programs, giveaways, sachets of rose petals or rice; managers of guest books; or performers of songs or acts, if trained well.
  • Provide kid-friendly snacks and food, maybe a special menu or individual meals, which actually might be less expensive for you.
  • Assign a person to overlook kids in general all through the reception and celebration, if they are present.
  • Decide, with your wedding planner if applicable, on kids’ seating, tables, and/or childcare room. There are many considerations such as age.
  • Provide colouring kits and easy to manage crafts for them either on their tables or room, if applicable. 
children at weddings
Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

There so many ideas and considerations when it comes to having children at weddings.  

Do you have any ideas about handling children in weddings? Share with us in the comments. If you are planning a wedding or event in Edmonton and have inquiries about our venue, please click here.

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