We have previously published a blog post about cabin setup ideas for weddings. Cabins are so versatile and can readily transform from one look and feel to another with simple setup alterations. This time we would like to expand on cabin decoration ideas for other private functions.

Cabin Decoration 

1- Use Backdrops and Folding Dividers 

Backdrops and folding room dividers come in all sorts of shapes and colours depending on your taste, theme and budget. The material is often fabric, wood, or plastic. Some are DIY projects that display personal items and photos. In a cabin, you can place your backdrop or divider behind the main food table, on a stage, by the entry, or on both sides of the fireplace as display or photo booth area. Make your backdrop or divider part of the event theme, for example photos of a the birthday person, the anniversary couple or the corporation’s logo and products.

cabin decoration ideas

2- Take Advantage of Fixed Fixtures

Fixed fixtures at the cabin are great assets for your event. A fireplace mantelpiece is one example of these fixtures where you can place theme items such as birthday cards and photos, organizational logos and signs, or, simply, flowers and candles. Other fixed fixtures include stages, podiums, pianos, and side bars and counters.

cabin decoration ideas

3- Season Up the Cabin 

If it is winter, give your guests small, plush blanket giveaways! Of course, your event can be of a sort where giveaways do not apply. You can reflect your season through table runners and centrepieces, types of foods, drinks and snacks, and colour palette of the entire theme. If there is an outside patio or garden, you have right there endless opportunities for entertainment and photo setups such as flower stands and garnished patio chairs.

cabin decoration ideas

We hope you have had some inspiration for your next event!

Feature photo credit Freemark Photography, shot at the Old Timers Cabin.  


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