Having a birthday at home is so much fun and excitement. Whatever the age the party person is, a birthday party is a birthday party. We are all kids inside and love colours, nice setup, and cake. These are some inspirational ideas for you to consider.

Birthday Decoration Ideas 

1- Pick a theme for your party.

Birthday Decoration IdeasThis can be anything from ladybugs to monsters to period or geographic area themes. This depends on the age and taste of the birthday person. The theme will help you stay in line and make many decisions about colour and combinations easier for you. Specific themes also help parents of invited kids, for example, to choose a suitable outfit if they wish to.

2- Use alternative economic sources. 

Birthday Decoration IdeasTo set up the props for the theme you have chosen, consider checking out the dollar store instead of a party outlet. Also, why not be imaginative and instead of buying a ready-prepped theme package buy separate more economic items. For example, instead of a table cover that has a princess print on it, choose a plain pink one and use props to show the princess theme.

3- Eye popping colours are a must. 

Birthday Decoration IdeasEspecially when the birthday is for a kid, try to make the colours clear and pleasant to the naked eye. Some very light shades of pink are basically invisible and look washed out. Even if your theme calls for light colour, there is nothing wrong with some variations and additional shades. Remember, later on when people look at the photos, only those vibrant colours will attract attention.


We hope you have enjoyed these tips for planning your next birthday party. If you are planning a milestone birthday for a parent or a grandparent such as their 60th, consider renting an events venue in Edmonton to invite all their friends and family. If you have any inquiries, send us an email at events@oldtimerscabin.net.



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