Today we had the joyful company of a squirrel at the Old Timers Cabin. We often see these little cute creatures around the cabin, but this one has been a pleasure to see as it stayed long enough to have a few photos taken and a video of it munching on a pine cone. 

One of the perks of holding an event at the Old Timers Cabin is the opportunity to meet face to face with some of nature’s most beautiful offerings. The cabin is surrounded by trees, shrubs, birds, and, well, squirrels.

Besides this, there are beautiful pathways leading to the river and a fascinating view of Edmonton’s downtown skyline. Also, from the front of the cabin, you can enjoy the Muttart Conservatory pyramids. We outlined these views with photos in a previous post.   

Back to the Squirrel at the Old Timers Cabin

This is the video from the Old Timers Cabin newly created YouTube channel:

We also included these beautiful pictures of the squirrel at the Old Timers Cabin, Edmonton’s unique events venue. If you have any inquiries about the facility for your future event in Edmonton, send us a message here

Squirrel at the Old Timers Cabin Squirrel at the Old Timers Cabin    Squirrel at the Old Timers Cabin p1050670

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