Holidays Theme Event

Whatever event you are planning over the holidays this year, you definitely want it to embody the spirit and aura of the season. The best approach to go is to fulfill as many senses as possible when planning a holidays theme event. How? Well, we have a couple of ideas.

Holidays Theme Event 

Five senses; five tips to satisfy them: 

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1- Aroma, aroma! 

Yes, candles are still one of the fastest ways you can transform any space into a holidays setup. It spreads so quickly, everywhere, and ties all your holidays theme other items together nicely. People love to smell the season though candles, soap bump by the guest sink, aroma sticks, air fresheners, and baking goods in the oven with winter spice recipes. 

2- Tune the air! 

If your event does not include dancing music, there is no harm in playing low volume background holidays music. Sound, like aroma, spreads everywhere and joins everything together, including people while they mix and mingle around. If you prefer a low key style, it might be a good idea to choose music tracks with no lyrics.      

3- Satisfy the buds! 

Make sure to include in your cooking or baking some of the loved winter flavours, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, anise, vanilla, and brown sugar. There are so many recipe ideas to list here but think cookies, breads, tea cakes, and, of course, pie! 

4- Cozy up! 

Especially if your event is in the comfort of your home, treat your guests to comfy sitting material, plush blankets and throw-ons, and fluffy and supporting cushions. Even decorative items are nicer if they look comfy to the touch such as mantlepiece decorations, vase coverings, stockings, and coffee table trays.   

5- Feed the sight!  

Colours and shapes of the season can be displayed in a number of ways. Choose a colour or couple of colours to tie your theme together, such as deep red, dark green, navy blue, and gold shimmer. You do not have to spread this in all your theme items. Use neutrals all around and display the seasonal colour(s) in a couple of the central pieces only, such as table centrepieces, candles, mantlepiece decor, and dining table runners.     


Planning a holidays theme event may prove to be overwhelming. Remember, your crowd will really care the most about the joyful times spent with everyone in as much stressful an atmosphere as possible. Do your best but do not over exhaust yourself and remember to relax!    

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