Old Timers Cabin

Opened in 1959, this rustic log cabin features a huge stone fireplace, planed poplar floor, window frames made of spruce, and cedar shingles on the gable roof. It was built by a 76-year-old log craftsman named Hobart Dowler for the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Descendants Association. Designed and constructed of spruce logs at Dowler’s property on Pigeon Lake, each log was fitted, then numbered before being dismantled and rebuilt on a field stone foundation in Edmonton. Dowler used notch and saddle-style connections to form a tight weather proof fit without the need of chinking or plaster.

The Old Timers cabin was built in the 1950s using log

construction to evoke idealized images of pioneers in Alberta.

The cabin was situated in the river valley on Scona Hill, on a site which had been levelled to provide fill for the Low Level Bridge. The cabin is a relatively modern example of log construction. The style was consciously chosen for its status as a pioneer icon, reflecting the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Descendants Association’s connection with the past. The association dates back to 1894 when it was founded by Edmonton’s earliest prominent businessmen, such as James Gibbons (1894 – 1895), Donald Ross Sr. (1896), John McDougall (1897), and Harrison Young (1898).   

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